Primus Vitoria established in 1969 is working closer with you and with the environment. Specializing in production of wall tiles we have improved with the adaptation of new technology to suit the more demanding market. Our quality and modern facilities are crucial factors to enable us to satisfy our customers. Continuing with traditional Portuguese production of wall tiles and a vast range of architectural colours and newly developed contemporary series. Primus produce a minimum of 5 million square metres with 60% currently sold to the export market which includes (Holland, Russia, UK, Angola, France, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Spain and Saudi Arabia. We believe in emotions with good taste and waking up sensations. Fiazul brand is produced and traded by Primus. Our passion is the art of making tiles.




Primus currently has the most modern technology available for the production of wall tiles. This allows frequent and strict quality control to be applied during different production stages and with excellent capacity to react to non conformity. Quality control is co-ordinate in association with laboratory techniques to register, analyze and guarantee the highest and strictest levels of quality.


Innovation and Environment;


Known as one of the most important plants for Traditional wall tiles Primus Vitoria moving with market tendencies are able to present products to satisfy a market of greater demands and diversity.




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