The future is for those who promote the sustainable development of communities.


Primus Vitória is a 40 year old factory, run by Vitoria family, for the last 15 years. Since the 1st day of this new management, the environment is one of our main concerns.

Because we believe that we have responsibility to create a better world, which must be our legacy for our sons and grand sons.


Primus recycles every day all the wastes produced by the factory, and we are proud of our work:




Primus Vitoria recycles 5.000 m3 of water per year. This water is enough to use in:


.781.250 flushes of toilets;
.62.500 showers;


Ceramic material waste


Primus Vitoria recycles every year 1500 tones of ceramic waste, enough to:


.Produce 1100 tones of gravel,used to build 785 m of a 28m width motorway;


Energy saving


Primus Vitória is using modern equipement for the speed control (VVE's) in our large machinery, which allows us to save 10 – 30 % of our electric energy consumption.


Primus Vitória consumes 281,139 KWh, per month of electric energy. We save a minimum of 28.114 KWh, enough to:


.Powering 93.713 light bulbs during 1 hour;


Paper and Cardboard


The process of recycling paper reduces 74% of the atmospheric contamination, saving 35% of water reducing energy consumption by 66%. ( Recycling 1 ton of paper saves approximately 2.5 barrels of petrol per day. 1 ton of recycled paper uses just 2000 l of water in production process, but in the traditional process of production of new paper is used 100.000 – 200.000 l of water.


Primus Vitória in 2007 recycled 12 tones of paper and Cardboard. This is enough to:


.Save approximately 210 trees per year. Responsible for consuming 1300kg of CO2, responsible for Global Warming.

.Save 30 barrels of petrol per year. Enough to produce 1192L of Bensine and 1430 L of Diesel. A diesel car consumes 6.5 L/100 KM, enabling a vehicle to cover 22.000 Km.

.Saving 1,776,000 L of water;




1 Ton of recycled plastic saves 2.5 barrels of petrol. Primus Vitoria recycles 5.5 tones of plastic, enough to save 13.75 barrels of petrol, 546L of Bensine and 656L of Diesel.



We are creating a Better World, a Better Future...




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