More than 50 years of passion for tiles.

A company that
grows, one step
at a time.

Working since 1969 Primus Vitória is closer
to you and to the environment. Specialized in
wall tiles the company has undergone major
changes since its foundation, adapting to
technologies and to the Market demand.

Environment, quality, efficiency
and modernity have been determining
factors for change and updating in
order to satisfy our customers.

From traditional
to modern

Continuing the production of the traditional tile, Primus Vitória
has a vast palette of colors and contemporary series,
accompanying the current architecture.

Piece by piece, we give
a little of ourselves to
the whole world.

Primus Vitória produces 5 million m2 annually, more than 70% of which is destined for export
(Netherlands, UK and Ireland, Angola, France, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Sweden,
Finland, Norway, Germany, Spain, South Africa; USA; Morocco, GCC Countries,
Baltic Countries, etc.).

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striving for

Currently Primus Vitória has the most modern
technology applied in the production of ceramic
coating, which allows a rigorous and frequent
control of product quality at different stages
of the production process, as well as an excellent
reaction capacity to a possible non-conformity.

Quality control is coordinated by the laboratory that carries out the
different types of registrations and analyses, with a rigour and timetable
well above what is required, in order to ensure the high level of quality
of the Primus Vitória tile.

We innovate
and comply

Recognized as one of the most important
traditional tile industrial production units
in Portugal, Primus Vitória, attentive to the
trend, currently presents a very diversified
offer, to meet the expectations of an
increasingly heterogeneous and
demanding market.

This is our passion,
the art of making tiles.

We believe in emotions, good taste, awakening of new sensations.

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We have more to show you, but if you prefer a more personal approach,
please contact us, we are happy to talk to you.


Because we believe that we have
a responsibility to create a better
world, we develop and produce
within an active environment policy.