"There is only a future
for those who promote the
sustainable development
of communities."


Primus Vitória pursues an active policy in the environment,
whose main axis is oriented around Environmental Sustainability.
In this context, we bet on the adoption of responsible and proactive
behavior, considering the preservation of the environment as an
indispensable factor in the conduct of its business and
its economic evolution.

Primus Vitória's Environmental Policy
aims at the following objectives

Continuous improvement of
the environmental performance
of its activities, products and
services, and prevention
of pollution;

Satisfaction of consumer
environmental concerns.

Compliance with applicable
environmental legislation and
preparation for future regulation,
as well as compliance with other
relevant requirements;

Adoption of good environmental
practices by its employees;

We have made a commitment, an active role in the
communities where we develop our activity, collaborating with business partners,
authorities and institutions in protecting the environment, with responsibilities
from the perspective of sustainable development.


Primus Vitória is a 50-year-old company run by the Vitória
family. From day one, the environment is one of the main concerns.
Because we believe that we have a responsibility to create a better world,
and it should be our legacy for our children.

Primus recycles all the waste produced by the plant,
and we are proud of our work:
15 000m3 of water per year.

"This water is sufficient to use in:
_2 343 750 toilet flushes;
_187 500 showers;


Primus recycles annually: 
1.500t of ceramic waste, enough to:

_Produce 1.100 tons of gravel;
_to be used in the construction of 785 m;
_of a highway 28 meters wide;


At Primus Vitória we use modern equipment
for speed control (VVE) in large machines,
which allows us to save 10-30% of
our electricity consumption.

The company consumes
843 417KWh
per month of electricity.

We manage to re-use a minimum of
84 342KWh

enough for:
_Feed 281 139 lamps
for an hour

Sustainable Production

Primus Vitória ceramics has been adopting the most
modern technologies for reducing its ecological
footprint and reducing its energy bill.

One of the measures taken was the installation of a
photovoltaic solar power plant
on the roof of its plant,
a project carried out by HELEXIA.

installation of a plant with
1628 solar panels

with an estimated annual production of
702 Mw/h representing 20%
of the plant’s energy production

avoiding the issuing of
-316 Ton de CO2 per year

the equivalent to:
_8100 trees planted per year;
_annual energy consumption of 140 households;


"The paper recycling process reduces 74% of air pollution,
saving 35% water and reduces energy consumption by 66%. 
(www.ecopagina.home.sapo.pt). Recycling of 1 ton of paper saves
approximately 2.5 barrels of oil per day. From 1 ton of recycled paper
uses only 2,000 l of water in the production process, but in
the traditional process of producing new paper is used
100 000 – 200 000 l of water.

In 2009 Primus Vitória recycled:
36t of paper and cardboard.

That’s enough to:

_Save about 630 trees a year.

_Saves 90 barrels of gasoline per year ( 3576 L
of Bensinee 4290 L of diesel)

_A diesel car consumes 6,5 l/100 km, allowing
a vehicle to travel for 22 000 km.

_Save 5 328 000 L of water.


1 ton of recycled plastic saves
2.5 barrels of oil.

Primus Vitoria recycles
16,5t of plastic, enough to:

_save 41,25 barrels of gasoline
(1638 L of Bensine and 1968 L of Diesel)

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